Usenet groups were the first type of social media of the early internet, where users could come together in groups specialized by topic, and discuss news, events, and general issues and arguments! However, it was not so easy to navigate between them or to keep up with the latest posts. Usenet clients simplified the process of navigation and updates, making it easier to find the information you wanted.

While social media has since evolved through forums into dedicated chat sites like Facebook and Twitter, Usenet groups are still very much alive and running, and have adapted to the modern internet - as have Usenet readers. Even better, the spam problems that had begun to plague Usenet groups have been very much reduced, and NZB indexing managers often provide easy and effective ways to locate content with Usenet providers.

Here we'll look at the best in Usenet clients and NZB downloaders, to keep the process of surfing for content in Usenet groups as accessible as possible. Newsbin Pro is a full-featured commercial Usenet client for Windows.

The Best Free Usenet Servers 2020

After more than 20 years of development, it's probably no surprise that the program is absolutely crammed with high-end functionality. But despite that, it manages to be straightforward and user-friendly. The installer prompts you to enter your Usenet server details, then you can search for the files you need and download them right away. Newsbin Pro uses multiple techniques to boost its performance. XFeatures header compression support can download headers up to 10 times faster. You're able to set up multiple servers for simultaneous use, and the program can block RARs which are password-protected or contain executable files, hopefully reducing the time you'll waste downloading spam and malware.

Heavy-duty Usenet users might still find their downloads take a while, but Newsbin Pro can help there, too. You're able to limit the program's bandwidth use, allowing it to run in the background without hogging your connection, or you can use the scheduler to download files while you sleep. All this runs smoothly, with full support for all the standards you would expect.

A free trial is available. Newsleecher is a popular Windows Usenet reader with many timesaving technologies and extras. The program's SuperSearch is a speedy Usenet search tool with handy wildcard support. The SuperLeech service can be set up to regularly check Usenet for the files you need, downloading copies almost as soon as they've been uploaded. NewsLeecher was the first Usenet client to support NZB files, and its latest version provides many ways to work with the file type. You can create NZBs directly from articles or search results, import them manually or set the program to monitor folders, import anything new and automatically download the specified files.

All this is presented in a handy tabbed interface. You can manage servers in one tab, browse articles in another, and there are tabs to run searches, check the transfer queue, even access downloaded files via an embedded Explorer window.

It's a great way to keep track of all your ongoing tasks with minimal on-screen clutter or hassle.

Read our review of Newsleecher here. The package works this magic by running as a background process which is largely accessed from a browser-based interface. This allows NZBGet to be used from mobiles and tablets, as well as its host hardware, and ensures you get a consistent interface everywhere. Operations are mostly very easy.There are a small number free Usenet servers available around the world.

They tend to be slower and less reliable than paid services. Newshosting offers a GB free trial via this link. This offers more GB than the standard free trial. The trial has all the same features as the paid accounts.

usenet newsgroups list

They offers SSL connections and days Retention. Free trial is offered for new customers only, one per customer. Free-Usenet offers free Usenet accounts. Only an email address is required to register. Here are the details:. Farm is an independent Dutch provider. They offer 20 GB of free downloading. No credit card or other payment required, only an email address. Eweka is a reliable Dutch Usenet provider that offers a hassle-free Usenet trial.

It asks for an email address, but I discovered that they allow disposable email addresses. Eweka is available to users in the United States, but you cannot use a IP address when registering for an account. Eweka is a Highwinds Usenet feed provider. GreyCoder is a free information service. A free trial is not the same as free. Why have both articles up? OK let me know if you find any reliable free Usenet providers.

Yes, none can be singular or plural depending upon the context. Back to English for those who disagree. Anonymous, no data except e-mail address!

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Not much. I think his point is that the article is aimed at binaries and not actually using Usenet as a discussion forum. Hence all the servers have amazing low retention and the article is more focused on bandwidth and of connections etc. Leave this field empty.Please see: How to enable JavaScript in your browser. In an effort to help educate users about Usenet and Newsgroups, we've created this general directory of newsgroup topics alongside thousands of pages of detailed information about specific topic newsgroups.

Clicking on any of the links below, you can drill down deep into any topic until you find the charter for the groups under that topic. Some newsgroups regularly post a description to the group that describes its intention. If the group has such a description, it almost always includes the word "charter", so you can quickly find it by searching the newsgroup for that word. A charter is the "set of rules and guidelines" which supposedly govern the users of that group. If there is a charter or newsgroup that you would like to have added, please contact our Support departmentand we'll be glad to add it to our list.

If you would like to start a newsgroup discussion group, click here for more information. The section for animal and pets cover newsgroups dealing amphibians, wildlife and pets such as dogs, cats and birds.

Newsgroups dedicated to art. These arts and literature newsgroups range from animation, pictures, poetry, science fiction, theatre to books, comics, fashion, humor and more. Business and Marketplace newsgroups that cover everything from finance to jobs. Other sections include consumer, investment and general finance specific newsgroups. Operating Systems and computer hardware related newsgroups. Operating System and Software newsgroups cover a variety of specific topic groups as well.

Newsgroups specific to a geographic location and the cultures of those areas. Specific groups cover a variety of facts including population, economy and general history markers of these sectors. Sub newsgroups of other areas are also available. Online community social networking newsgroups. These newsgroups cover everything from the World Wide Web to a variety of specific topic newsgroups relating to Usenet.

Departments of education as well as educational institution specific newsgroups. Mostly dealing with university campus newsgroup as well as elementary and general higer education newsgroups.

Goverment newsgroups section deals with a variety of newsgroups dealing with specific topics such as politics, healthcare, charities, medicine and taxes.The Usenet services are ranked based on factors including retention, performance, reliability, extra features, pricing and support. The top recommended providers offer the most retention and the largest, fastest, most redundant, and most reliable networks.

Please check back often as our list will be updated based on quality of service and new or expanded offerings. Members have unlimited access to their news servers in the US and Europe. You can use the Newshosting client to search for content, preview, and download from your favorite newsgroups. You can even schedule searches to grab content as soon as it hits Usenet.

Newshosting kindly offers our visitors a discount. Newshosting is at the top of the Usenet industry for a number of reasons. For starters they offer very high binary retention across all newsgroups, both text and binary, and across all servers.

usenet newsgroups list

You get the same deep retention regardless of newsgroup or server. With other services, your mileage may vary.

usenet newsgroups list

Their Usenet servers are placed in strategic locations in the US and Europe to allow for very fast connections. You can expect knowledgeable answers if you need technical support.

How to Use Usenet (Updated Guide)

As a long time Newshosting members I highly recommend them to my own family and friends. Newshosting continues to innovate. Newshosting has their own Usenet client software with built-in search. Those who prefer a web-based client can easily use SABnzbd as well. Newshosting now offer VPN access as well. Those who sign up for our annual special receive unlimited VPN free of charge.

UseNetServer is all about quality and value. They come in a close second in our rankings. The only big difference is that Newshosting offers their own newsreader software. They host news servers in the US and Europe to support high speed connections. The UNS team is kindly offering our guests a discount. UseNetServer has been a leading Usenet provider for a long time now. They offer great service at a very reasonable price. You can expect very high retention and excellent speeds from their service.

I have used it through the years without any issues. They have a solid support staff if you have any technical questions. The addition of VPN allows users to protect their privacy and access content in other countries. From there you can access channels just like a local would.

Easynews is our choice for the best provider for those new to Usenet.Think of a Newsgroup as a category of discussion, where people with similar interests get together to discuss a specific topic.

The variety of Newsgroup topics is vast; you can find Newsgroups pertaining to everything from your favorite soap opera to the most advanced theoretical scientific discussions. Odds are if there is a subject that interests you there is at least one newsgroup focused on that subject. Should you happen to stumble onto a topic that is not covered, you can even create your own Newsgroup based on that subject!

Newsgroups are based on a public domain network called Usenet. This network is made up of thousands possibly hundreds of thousands of interconnected computers located all over the world.

These computers are interconnected via the Internet in a peer to peer topology.

What Happened To Usenet? (A Short Documentary)

The reason for having these peering relationships is to propagate as many articles as possible to as many different servers as possible. Therefore, the more peering agreements a newsgroup server has the more articles it will receive and transmit each day. A newsgroup message can be either a plain text message, simply containing text as a part of a discussion between two or more people, or a message containing a file or a part of a file. The latter are called binary newsgroup messages because the files they contain are referred to as binaries.

usenet newsgroups list

The text messages can contain questions, replies, or follow-ups on a certain discussion topic that was initiated among a group of users. Users usually give their opinions or provide impartial information to aid discussions in the text posts. The binary posts can contain all kinds of files, including but not limited to videos, audio, software, games, pictures, etc.

As opposed to text newsgroup messages, when it comes to downloading binaries, you often have to download the content of more than one post because binaries are usually broken down into multiple posts because of their large size once they are put together. Joining subscribing to various newsgroups in Usenet sounds like it may be more complicated than it actually is. Unlike other online discussion groups and forums, where you actually have to create a member profile and tell everyone else who you are, in Usenet, it is much simpler, easier, more private, and possible to keep your anonymity.

You basically can subscribe and join newsgroups with the click of a button. The reason why you need to join the newsgroups you want to be able to use in the first place is that you need to subscribe to them in order to read messages, download binaries, and post.

Once you have joined various newsgroups, you can visit them whenever you like and read their content as well as post to them.

The simplest approach is to download all of the new responses from all newsgroups at the same time and then read them.

If you have subscribed to a large number of newsgroups, this might take a while but it will be worth it since new information is usually posted on a daily basis. For more information to how to subscribe to newsgroups using GrabIt visit the GrabIt newsreader start-up guide.

A newsgroup list can be viewed in a few different ways. You can also view the newsgroup list with a 3rd party program like a newsreader. Most newsreaders let you view both text and binary newsgroup lists and some just let you see the binary list. There are also newsreaders that just pull up the text newsgroup lists.

Newsgroups can be created upon the request of the user. Users may search for a particular newsgroup and find nothing that pertains to their subject and interest.Like mailing lists Usenet is also a way of sharing information. It was started by Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis in Initially it was limited to two sites but today there are thousands of Usenet sites involving millions of people.

Usenet is a kind of discussion group where people can share views on topic of their interest. The article posted to a newsgroup becomes available to all readers of the newsgroup. There exist a number of newsgroups distributed all around the world. These are identified using a hierarchical naming system in which each newsgroup is assigned a unique name that consists of alphabetic strings separated by periods.

The leftmost portion of the name represents the top-level category of the newsgroup followed by subtopic. The subtopic can further be subdivided and subdivided even further if needed. For example, the newsgroup comp.

The leftmost part comp classifies the newsgroup as one that contains discussion of computer related topics. The second part identifies one of the subtopic lang that related to computer languages. When a newsreader such as outlook express connects to a news server, it downloads all the new messages posted in the subscribed newsgroup.

We can either reply a message after reading or post a news article to the news server. The article posted to a news server is appended to the file maintained for that newsgroup Then the news server shares article with other news servers that are connected to it. Then each news server compares if both carry the same newsgroup. If yes, then by comparing the files it checks that if there are any new articles in the file, if so they are appended to the file.

The updated file of the news servers is then sent to other news servers connected to it. This process is continues until all of the news servers have updated information.

If user wants to read article, user has to connect to the news server using the newsreader. The newsreader will then display a list of newsgroups available on the news server where user can subscribe to any of the news group.

After subscription the newsreader will automatically download articles from the newsgroup. After reading the article user can either post a reply to newsgroup or reply to sender by email.This is a partial list of newsgroups that are significant for their popularity or their position in Usenet history. These are the most widely distributed and carefully controlled newsgroup hierarchies. See Big 8 Usenet and the Great Renaming for more information. Topics related to the humanities fine arts, literature, philosophy, Classical Latinetc.

Matters related to the functioning of Usenet itself. Examples include:. Recreation and entertainment topics. Discussion related to society and social subcultures. Discussion of various topics, especially controversial ones. Includes political topics as well. These newsgroups fall outside of the official Big 8 hierarchiesas well as the less formal alt hierarchy.

Other newsgroups can consist of geographic regions official or unofficialcorporations, and other institutions or groups. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. See also: comp. See also: sci. See also: alt. Retrieved August 8, Retrieved 8 May Fundraising For Dummies. Cryptography newsgroups. Google Groups. GrabIt NewsBin Pro.

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