Quick Links. Table of Contents. Page 2 The Jawa Moto spol. Any changes and or deviations from the standard version for certain territories will be published in the form of Supplements to this Manual. Check engine and frame numbers — to be conform with the documentation. Take out the accumulator — charging — forming, assemnbly. Control the oil level in the gearbox — Page 6 Primar chain adapter S 9.

The other dimensions given in the table are guides for cylinder reboring. If the engine is mounted in the frame, first remove seat and tank, separate the exhaust elbows and disconnect the coils, cables and cable shoes.

Pistons — demounting and mounting Since the piston is mounted in the cageless needle bearing, use special tools for demounting the piston. Use the press-out pin S to push the piston pins. Make sure, that the lightening holes of the piston pins are oriented to the engine outside. Take off the starting lever first move it to the star position and remove the bolts holding the left engine cover.

After compressing the springs take off the clutch pins, dismantle the washers and springs and plates and insert the securing plate S into the clutch drum. Clutch - assembly Fit the oiled clutch rod with rest in the mainshaft. On the outer drum put one by one the friction and steel discs. Starter spring primary gear dismounted Turn the starter shaft to the left and take it out of its mounting Take off the starter segment and spring. When remounting the spring, fit its one end on the segment edge.

jawa 350 634

Turn the segment to get it in its true position, with the segment hole centre aligned with the carrier hole center. Pull out the sprocket with inner cover from mounting. It is not necessary to uncouple the chain. Remove the right footrest, bolts and pins holding engine into the frame. Gearbox — shifting, crank mechanism With the engine in this dismantled condition, it is possible to repair the gearbox and the gear shift mechanism. Put the bearings into the pre- heated halfs of engine case, getting them inline with the machined surface intended for the crank mechanism flywheel.

Then fit the mainshaft with the spacer and gear locked in the position with wireformed ring into the bearing in the left crankcase half.If you need more information about delivery, please ask your post office. By selecting a shipping country and currency, you'll have more accurate information about shipping rates and delivery time. This website uses cookies to personalise the content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

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jawa 350 634

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Handlebars (Jawa 634 first models)

More I accept. Your cookies settings Functional These cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. Social Media and Ads Cookies allow you to log into your social media accounts and for example share content directly from our website.Jawa Motorcycles - Celebrating over 80 years of production.

The new Jawa Classic retains all the well proven sensible features such as fully enclosed chain drive, long comfortable seat with well placed pillion grip and the well proven robust twin down tube frame.

JAWA 350/634 [1973-1983]

But it has been improved with electric start, electronic, ignition, clear instrumentation and excellent disc front brake. Please note - all new Jawa bikes come with fork gaiters as standard. Click here for pictures of options. Jawa Classic Solo. The Jawa Classic is back and better than ever. Most 2-strokes are peaky, revvy and hard to keep in the power band. Jawa have never been like other 2-strokes and they still aren't They are built to produce torque.

Relaxing and comfortable to ride with a big bike feel, but still narrow and light enough to filter through city traffic. Away from the city they have enough go for long distance touring.

jawa 350 634

Straight forward servicingand low cost spares make these the ideal all rounder. Technical Specifications. Front 18 x 3. Electric and kick.

Handlebars (Jawa 634 first models)

Front telescopic forks - Rear twin shocks. Front mm disc - Rear mm drum. Pre-Mix 2-stroke. The Competition We tried to find some competition to compare power and torque figure with but to be honest not many manufacturers make a sensible lightweight all rounder any more. There seems to be a glut of single purpose machines. Jawa Classic Prices. Jawa Classic On The Road. Optional Extras, all prices include fitting to a new bike.

Simple Alarm and Smart Charger. Front protection bar in black. Leg Shields these can only be fitted after fitting the front protection bar. Givi 22 litre panniers, quick release frame and rear carrier rack panniers not sold without frames.

Givi Trekker 33 litre panniers, quick release frame and rear carrier rack see video of Trekker system. Givi Trekker 33 litre panniers, quick release frame and 60 litre waterproof Lomo bag. Very versatile luggage combination. Hand Shields keeps a bit of wind and rain off your hands.HOME - Jawamarkt. Primary duplex wheel of Crank-shaft Jawa Crank-shaft puller ccm For Jawa ccm.

Model, JAWA Show all. Previous page. Next page. Exhaust pipe - not good quality Made in: Czech Republic Price: Switch of winker universal Made in: ungarn Price: Nut of exhaust pipe Made in: Czech Republic Price: Electro cables set jawa Made in: Czech Republic Price: Clutchautomat Made in: Czech Republic Price: Original socket of parking bulb 2. Repair set for speedo. Cezeta, Tatran, Manet - km Diamter 60ccm Holder of fueltank Jawa - first model 9. Original sticker Velorex - 23cm 4. Plunger of front fork - replicwith 2 screws for mudguard Price per 1 Pair, New replic Plunger of front fork - replicwith 1 screw for mudguard Price per 1 Pair, New replic Rear tail lamp plast, like original, TOP!

Dinstance spacer for r. All Rights Reserved. Kneecaps - JAWA Made in: Czech Republic. Price per 1 pair. Exhaust pipe - not good quality. Price per 1 Pair. Chrom quality ist not good. Exhaust pipe - TOP quality. Jawa Garage - covering.

Switch of winker universal.Frames, shock absorbers, handlebars. Fenders, boxes, covers. Wheels, covers, brakes. Tanks, carburettors, filters. Exhaust system. Engines, gearboxes. Washers, screws. Lights, electric, ignition. Literature, catalogs, documentation.

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The motor serial number is and the frame number is These bikes were produced from to but I put down as a date was required and it has the vintage hard tail frame. I took the bike on trade and it had been stored in a dry airplane hanger until I received it and a dry garage since then.

I just recently cleaned the carb, oiled the top end, put fresh Blendzall Racing Castor oil in the in-frame tank, put in a fresh Champion spark plug, added fresh Methanol, and the bike lit right up and runs great. The bike had been properly stored with a clean oil tank, carburetor, and fuel tank.

The dry clutch works as it should and the bike is very, very quick. The front Akront 23" rim has a Talon hub and a like newBarrum speedway tire. The rear rear is a 19" DID rim with a like new Barrum speedway tire. The rear tire still has nubs on it but the sidewall has some age cracks. The rear hub was blue factory anodized but fading. The bars are blue anodized aluminum. The rubber seal covers are like new. It has a custom leather seat. The frame is candy apple blue. The fenders and rear chain cover are plastic.

The spray guard, open primary guard, and engine guards are all stainless steel or polished aluminum. It has a Cody Racing upper triple clamp and bar clamps along with a Cody Racing exhaust. Make Other Makes. Model Jawa. I picked this up recently but have neither the time or the finances to mess with it.

The rear wheel is locked up but I don't know if it is a transmission, engine or clutch problem. This item is pick-up only in Bluffton, OH or I can meet someone at an interstate intersection for reasonable fuel money.

These bikes are serious when running. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding! Model JAWA. Make Jawa Cz. Model Jawa I havent turned it on yet. It looks nice and clean. Need gone, make offer. Needs work. Only orginal Miles. Still has 26 miles till break in point. The car is in good condition, original black gel-coat fininsh. Original seat with good vinyl. Lights work, everythinf finctions properly.

It has univerdsal type mounting struts and has some custom peices to make it fit a 's BMW. Velorex is a good light sidcar that wont break the bank. Note the motorcycle is not included, only the sidecar.Jawa Type Submit more pictures. Discuss this bike Rate this motorbike This bike's rating Write a review Sell this motorcycle Such bikes for sale Insurance quotes Finance options Tip a friend List related bikes.

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Jawa 350 634

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