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Downtown Line Stage 1; CLeave the rust, weight and price uncertainty of traditional steel behind for a superior alternative to concrete reinforcement. Designed with DOTs, Engineers and Contractors in mind: stronger, lighter, more durable and competitively priced — Fiberglass Rebar by Owens Corning is setting a new bar in concrete reinforcement.

Aslan is stocked in 20 and foot lengths in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 diameter bars; diameter bars can be made to order. Learn more about the entire suite of Owens Corning reinforcement products for structural strengthening and paving. They provide a mechanical connection between slabs but allow for horizontal contraction and expansion of the slab itself. This results in lower deflections at the joints and reduced slab stresses. The Achilles' heel of concrete pavement is the joint.

Joint failure is often the result of corrosion of the steel dowel bar. These bars are also electromagnetically transparent and are frequently used in high-speed toll collection areas near inductance sensors.

Owens Corning Fiberglass Rebar for Flatwork represents a compelling alternative to steel reinforcements for temperature crack control. Owens Corning Fiberglass Rebar for Flatwork represents a compelling alternative to steel reinforcements. Advantages include: corrosion-resistance, light weight, enhanced ease-of-installation, and greater tensile strength than steel.

Corrosion and extreme weather can lead to the collapse of conventional steel reinforced concrete. The Halls River bridge deployment is an example of how and why DOTs and engineers are choosing to reinforce structures such as bridge decks, piles, beams, seawalls and traffic railings that demand durability, strength and safety.

Our engineering staff can give an estimated bar list based on drawings. Send us your bar list to get a free estimate. To learn more about how you can use composite rebar — see below for a comprehensive list of Owens Corning composite rebar products and links to country specific design guidelines. Fiberglass rebar is a reinforcing material intended to be used in concrete to replace traditional steel type reinforcement.

One of the largest contributors to our failing infrastructure is corrosion of reinforcement in concrete. This results in shortened lifespans for concrete, higher repair costs, and can present safety issues. Fiberglass Rebar is a completely non-metallic material that removes rust from the equation. With nothing to corrode, Fiberglass rebar offers a longer lasting solution that is price competitive with steel.

It is also electro and magnetically inert, making it ideal for sensitive areas. Fiberglass should be used in environments where corrosion is an issue and other rust-inhibiting measures are being considered.The Ryobi-G group of companies cater to a wide range of solutions in geotechnical engineeringand related fields for South East Asia. We are proud to be the industry leaders specialising in these aspects. Over the years, the Ryobi-G group has achieved substantial growth, attaining successful tenders and effectuation of projects which continually provide benefit to our clients.

We are constantly improving the quality of our services to create value for our clients. In Ryobi-G, our success reflects on the emphasis of our most important asset- Our team of dedicated and talented professionals.

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Stromberg GFRC

Mission and Vision. Our flagship services back in the early s. After years of continuous improvement Settlement markers are installed on the columns of existing structures or buildings to determine any inherent This technique is of high importance in the building and construction industry.

All buildings have to be One of the key advantages of Ryobi-Terra high resolution imaging system is its versatility to suit any site The SEA earthquake and Tsunami affected millions in Our system In the recent years, 3DLS has been gaining prominence in the Civil Engineering and construction sector. Produce 2D orthorectified images and 3D models with hi resolution images taken using drones, for the purpose of construction site monitoring and facade inspection.

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur :. Ryobi Geotechnique M Sdn Bhd. To apply for a job with Ryobi-G, please send a cover letter together with your C. About Us. To be the preferred Geo-Solutions provider in Singapore and beyond. Geotechnical Engineering. Geotechnical Laboratory. Geotechnical Instrumentation.GFRC is concrete that uses glass fibers for reinforcement instead of steel. Since the fibers cannot rust like steel, there is no need for a protective concrete cover thickness to prevent rusting.

With the thin, hollow construction of GFRC products, they can weigh a fraction of the weight of traditional precast concrete. GFRC is a composite of cement, glass fibers, aggregates and polymers. Stromberg GFRC pioneered the design and production of glass fiber reinforced concrete and our unique methods of detailing, manufacturing and installing GFRC that have helped make our clients, and their projects, successful.

We have a reputation for solving design and construction problems for our client's. Have a question or need assistance? Contact us we are here to help. GFRC can be used wherever a light, strong, weather resistant, attractive and fire retardant material is required. GFRC can be used in manufacturing architectural products such as wall panels, window surrounds, column covers, soffits, cornices, brackets, quoins, railings, pilasters, copings, domes, site furnishings, planters, bollards, urns and tables.

Stromberg has pioneered its use in other areas including sandwich panels, bus shelters, security barriers, noise barriers, marine structures, cable ducts, floating pontoons, sunscreens and storage tanks. As an engineered material, the properties of GFRC can vary depending upon mix design, glass content and production methods.

Glass fiber used in quality GFRC has a higher tensile strength than steel. As a general rule, the higher the fiber content, the higher the strength. Glass fiber reinforced concrete has been tested both by accelerated aging tests in the laboratory and in real life installations.

GFRC can be expected to last as long as pre-cast concrete.

gfrp singapore

In many environments, as when exposed to salt spray or high moisture, the GFRC can be expected to perform better, as there is no steel reinforcement to corrode. Since the surface of GFRC is a Portland concrete, it weathers much as a quality architectural pre-cast concrete would.

This makes it easier and faster to install and reduces the load on the buildings structure. The lighter weight and stronger material also saves transport costs, allows more design freedom and, by using less material, reduces environmental impact.

Stromberg GFRC is strong.

gfrp singapore

For GFRC panels, this means it has the proven ability to withstand seismic loads and hurricane winds.

For architectural elements, stronger means less chance for damage, easier to install and longer lasting. Stromberg GFRC lasts. It is less susceptible to weather erosion and more freeze thaw resistant than conventional concrete.The composite material was first produced in the s.

Fiberglass reinforced polymer FRP was commercially recognized in the s when it was used in high-speed trains project by Japan. The question is why engineers need composite material to build strong and long-lasting projects and why traditionally-used reinforcement materials lack strength. The answer is associated with corrosion which shortens the service life of a concrete structure.

Therefore, engineers and builders need to reinforce concrete structures with material that can survive the harsh environmental conditions. FRP rebar is gaining commercial value mainly because it is resistant to corrosive agents and does not let concrete rust or weaken. Sensitive concrete structures like seawalls, dams, and power plants have to be reinforced with corrosion-resistant rebar. Fiberglass reinforcement material, therefore, is considered to be the ideal product for sensitive concrete infrastructures.

Glass fiber reinforced polymer rebar is a high value-added construction product. The mega infrastructure providers, such as governments, now have acknowledged the fact that GFRP is a cost-effective construction material that has the full potential to extend the life of public structures where corrosion can have a huge economic and environmental impact.

With the rise of corrosion due to global warming, fiberglass reinforcement material has gained considerable popularity. In future, these advanced composite materials would demonstrate their strengths and properties more evidently. Here are some of the advantages of using GFRP rebar in various applications:. It may seem that fiberglass reinforcement is expensive while other traditional steel reinforcement is relatively inexpensive.

In fact, fiberglass rebar is a cost-effective building material as it gives a concrete structure long lifespan without major maintenance.

Toggle navigation. Here are some of the advantages of using GFRP rebar in various applications: The constituents of GFRP include high-quality corrosion resistant vinyl ester resin that increases the lifespan of a concrete structure. GFRP rebar is non-conductive to electricity and heat making it an ideal choice for facilities like power generation plants and scientific installations.

Taking into account the long-term benefits of GFRP rebar, it is a cost-effective product as compared with epoxy-coated or stainless steel. It is invulnerable to chloride ions and other chemical elements. It can be manufactured in custom lengths, bends, and shapes. The installation process of GFRP rebar is very convenient coupled with its property of being easy to cut and machined. It is transparent to electrical field and radio frequencies A project reinforced with GFRP rebar is maintenance free, enabling builders to avoid rehabilitation cost.

For Sustainable Construction Solutions. Contact Us. Contact Us info tuf-bar.Web-based real-time monitoring for noise, vibration, strain gauge, and tunnels, etc. Contact Us. Soil Investigation. We provide both land and marine soil investigation services with a full range of field drilling size NQ, HQ and depth to min-situ borehole tests, geophysical tests and laboratory tests. Geotechnical Instrumentation. Structural Health Monitoring.

GFRP Glas fiber reinforcement polyester with Isotherm AG processing technologies

Our one-stop solution for fibre optic sensor technology provides ideal solutions for structural health monitoring purposes during the construction stage and the full life span of the building and structures. Fibre Wrap. Our Best Clients.

During the time we worked with FOSTA Pte Ltd on the Jurong Island Westward Extension project, we noticed that their installation procedures for structural and geotechnical instrumentation highly met the standards and adhere to the strictest compliance of safety.

We definitely have to mention about their highly professional and good support teams as well. FOSTA Pte Ltd has provided us with efficient marine soil investigation and reporting works, geotechnical instrumentation and quality instrumentation reports. The team strictly followed the standards and procedures, reports were submitted promptly, professionally and without delay.

We've gained a solid expertise over the years. Working with us, you'll benefit from a lot of unique skills that make FOSTA Pte Ltd a leading firm that provides you with what you need: the best possible choice. We are constantly keeping our different departments in line with the latest safety requirements and possess a wide range of certifications. For our clients, it is the guarantee of our serious and know-how.

One Stop Service. We are able to design a whole solution from monitoring to installation and reporting. Efficiency and highest quality. Multi-Sized Projects.It can be broadly classified into the following categories:. Architectural : Wall cladding; Sun Screen; Decorative mouldings; roofings. One of the major advantages of GRC is that it does not use steel as a reinforcement, instead, it uses a special alkaline resistant glass fiber as a reinforcement.

The product therefore:. These materials are mixed and transfer to a mould, in the case of a rock production a textured PU rubber flexible mould.

gfrp singapore

Once it is cured, the GRC are then demoulded. Concrete chemical colour stain is then applied on the surface of the GRC. The cement in the GRC will react with the chemical to form a permanent and realistic antique colour.

For more information, please contact us enquiry polymertec. GRC Rockscape. GRC Waterfall. Lamiplant - Continuous Laminating Plant. Singapore Business Guide. All Rights Reserved. It can be broadly classified into the following categories: Architectural : Wall cladding; Sun Screen; Decorative mouldings; roofings Civil Engineering : Drainage; Lost formworks; Decorative slabs; Pipes Landscaping: Rockscape; Slate tiles; pavement tiles, landmark statue.

The product therefore: 1 Do not corrode, 2 Possible to have a thin section, making it lightweight, 3 Possible to form complicated shape.

gfrp singapore

By spray up : This method requires a GRC spray station, high shear mixer, AR rovings; cement, silica sand, water, plasticizer, polymer. This method can load up more AR Glassfiberand therefore has a better mechanical properties than the premix method. By premix method: This method requires a premixer, AR fiberglass chopped strand, cementsand, water, plasticizer, polymer. Carbon Products.

Chemical Corrosion Protection. Color Concrete Stain.